Why Marble World?

Why Marble World?

As we have mentioned in our ‘About Us’ page, over 7 years of experience in the sector. We have TWO perspectives: 

  • Quality
  • Trust

Top Quality Products and bond of trust with our customers are the main factors that brought us this far.

Our history started in September 2014, under the name of Ocak Trade we have started selling marble application products such as blades, saws, polishing products, akemi, DIY products and many more. Less than 2 years, we have expanded into 12 cities all over Turkey, working with 60 marble stores and became their main supplier.

2018, we moved onto wholesaling marble and granite slabs and opened our first warehouse and showroom. This time providing service to more than 120 marble stores in 24 different cities. Importing marble/granite slabs all around the world (Spain, Italy, Egypt, India). Expanded our warehouse and showroom, as well as opened our first factory in 2019 on a 6,000m2 land.

After a successful expansion, we are now in the UK. We have undergone a radical change in our infrastructure. As mentioned on our website, every product displayed is part of our unique collections. We will be releasing new collections periodically. Every product is limited and will not always be in stock.

Our goal is to open the UK’s first Marble store, where all of the marble products are collected in one selling point. From marble interior accessories and sinks to marble dining and coffee tables, marble wall/floor tiles and mosaics and many more…

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