About Us

Welcome to Marble World.

Having acquired over 7 years of experience in the marble and granite sector in Turkey, we are now opening in the UK! Working with over 12 suppliers in Turkey, expanded our product variety and have chosen top quality finished marble and granite goods.

We are now opening our doors to introduce our UK customers to the unique beauty and a great variety* of our Marble products.

Our vision is to showcase and supply the top quality natural marble and granite products, extending a strong, trusting relationship with our customers and suppliers from our original market into the UK.

Every product displayed is part of our unique collections. We will be releasing new collections periodically.

The real beauty of any natural stone comes from its unabashed uniqueness. When we talk about home accessories, it is not just about buying a the most expensive item. The real value of such pieces also comes from a culmination of many aspects, such as uniqueness, quality, ambiance, style. Each stone used in our products has its own unique genesis and characteristic feature, and can add to your home's character. 

Marble is a type of metamorphic rock, which is forged when intense heat and pressure deep in the Earth squeeze soft clay into solid stone. Over tens of thousands of years, it works its way up to the surface, where it eventually becomes accessible to us.

*A great variety of the finest natural stones, from Italian and Spanish Granites, to the Taurus Mountains Marbles and the Island of Marmara Marbles.